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Health Insurance

Health insurance covers medical expenses stemming from illnesses, diseases, disability, and other occurred medical expenses. Individual health insurance is different from that provided by an employer. Individual health insurance is privately selected and paid for by you instead of your employer.

Employer versus Individual Health Insurance

Individual and family plan health insurance is much more accessible - you do not need a job to obtain it. You can get private or family plans via a broker or via online marketplaces. Also, self-employed individuals can deduct the cost of their premiums.

Employer health insurance picks the options of health insurance, with coverage largely dependent on employment and employment history. The coverage is guaranteed, typically being instated after several weeks or months at a job. While there are certain requirements that might affect premiums, the employer shares the costs.

The rising cost of employer health insurance has steadily increased in the past couple of decades, with the average health insurance cost being $2,200 a year for a single employee in 1999; now averaging more than $5,600 a year for similar coverage. With so many small businesses struggling to ensure health insurance, many have decided to offer defined contribution health plans that reimburse employees for private health insurance premiums.

Regardless if you are obtaining private or employee health insurance, they both offer the benefit of covering you during times of sickness. If you need help trying to decipher the litany of health insurance plan and how it affects you and your family, make sure to contact Brown & Brown Community Advisor Team.

Health Insurance Laws

Employers are not required to offer a health insurance option. However, if the employer offers health insurance, then they need to adhere to a set of laws, including mandated benefits and ensuring that the employee has a right to cancel or continue group coverage. Contact Brown & Brown Community Advisor Team toll free at (855) 581-1076 to learn more about employment-based health insurance.

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