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RV Insurance 

There's something about the thrill of adventure that gives you the traveler’s itch again and again. Whether you're traveling for an extended vacation, spending a weekend in the mountains, or moving your life to the open road, you'll need RV insurance to ensure your safety now and, in the adventures, to come.

Ohio state law requires that motorized vehicles be insured under revised and administrative code. While not all RVs are expected to be insured under this law, you should be sure to heavily consider your options, especially when planning to spend extensive amounts of time at the wheel. Your RV is more than just a vehicle, and you should be sure to protect it and the loved ones who travel with you no matter where your destination may be.

Several insurance options exist for the individual with a personal recreation vehicle. Varying degrees of protection are available to suit unique needs. Insurance is mandatory, however, for the RV driver who is:

  • Financing the motor vehicle. Lenders want to know that your investment is protected.
  • Renting the motor vehicle. The leasing company is trusting you to protect the vehicle.
  • Driving the motor vehicle as a motor home. Liability insurance is always a necessity for vehicles you drive in Ohio. However, tow-behind RV trailers do not fall under the same category.

Reach out to your Brown & Brown Community Advisor Team insurance professionals to decide on a plan that’s right for you.

Before you give in to the wanderlust, be sure that you have everything you need before you chase adventure. Visit Brown & Brown Community Advisor Team today to discuss your RV insurance options. As the sixth largest brokerage company in the nation, we take pride in helping thousands of clients reach their dreams since 1939. Contact us today to learn more about our RV insurance options for your personal needs. At Brown & Brown Community Advisor Team, we're here to find your solution.

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